Natural remedies for psoriasis

Everything you need to know about natural remedies for psoriasis

One of the most debilitating (but usually not dangerous) skin diseases on the planet today, millions and millions of people worldwide are dealing with psoriasis issues on a day to day basis.

Though the overwhelming majority of these people living with psoriasis will never have to worry about the significant health risks that systemic psoriasis brings to the table, and may not even have to deal with frequent flare ups of psoriasis in the first place, it’s important to know exactly how to destroy symptoms of psoriasis before they get out of control.

Most of the time, individuals will be able to control psoriasis symptoms with natural remedies (including the ones that we have broken down below), but sometimes, individuals will want to pursue medical interventions.

Usually, a medical intervention is only necessary when all-natural remedies for psoriasis fail to produce the kind of impactful results you are looking for, but that will only happen when you’re dealing with a systemic or chronic outburst of psoriasis.

And at that point, only a medical intervention will provide results anyway.

But that’s neither here nor there.

We are going to break down natural treatment for psoriasis options that you can put into play whenever you start to notice psoriasis presenting itself on your body, giving you every edge and advantage to tame this skin disease and condition before it gets out of control.

Let’s dive right in!

The best psoriasis home treatment solution is to manage your psoriasis triggers in the first place

While there are a lot of natural remedies for psoriasis that we are going to touch on in just a moment, the most impactful thing that you can do to make your life free of psoriasis problems in the first place is to manage the “triggers” that caused this condition as best as you can.

Now, it’s probably not going to be possible to completely erase all psoriasis triggers from your life forever – just because there are so many different triggers, and eliminating them all just isn’t feasible.

But if you are able to clear up the issues that we described below, you’re going to stand a fantastic chance of giving yourself every opportunity to lead a mostly psoriasis free lifestyle from here on out.

Take care of your stress levels

One of the (if not THE) most potent triggers to cause psoriasis flare-ups in the human body has to be the release of stress chemicals brought on by pressure and anxiety.

When you are feeling super stressed out (for any reason whatsoever) your body is going to automatically release a flood of biochemicals and hormones throughout your body – and that spells big trouble for those that have the psoriasis “bug” already inside of them.

Psoriasis seems to feed off of stress and the “protective” mode that your body slides into when it feels under attack, so you’ll want to do everything – and we mean EVERYTHING – you can do eliminates those feelings as much as reasonably possible.

Take up yoga, go for long walks, book yourself a couple of nice massages every few weeks, or do whatever else it takes to unwind, relax, and put yourself at ease. This will help you go about fighting psoriasis the right way.

Alcohol and smoking

These are two unhealthy lifestyle habits that you’re going to want to try and curb or outrightly eliminate (if at all possible), as they are going to impact your psoriasis outbreaks significantly.

Much like stress and pressure, when you ingest alcohol or smoke, you are triggering a cascade of biochemical reactions and hormonal flooding to happen on a cellular level – and psoriasis just absolutely eats that stuff up.

The psoriasis infection is going to begin rapidly expanding and producing symptoms throughout the body, and every time that you take another drink or smoke another cigarette, you’re going to be adding to fuel on the fire.

This is a dangerous position to find yourself in. Do whatever you can to reduce your intake of these substances, and if you’re able to out-rightly eliminate them – or reduce them to once-in-a-blue moon indulgences – you’ll be much better off.

The benefits of taking advantage of all-natural remedies for psoriasis

The reason that so many people are interested in taking advantage of psoriasis home treatment options is because they have proven to be incredibly effective while at the same time, proven to be very (VERY) safe.

The reason that so many people shy away from medical interventions or prescription drugs and topical creams when looking to get rid of psoriasis is simple and straightforward – many of those treatment solutions clear up psoriasis in a hurry, but they also cause a number of other negative health risks at the exact same time.

Most of the time, you’re really trading one evil for another – which isn’t exactly the kind of situation that many people ever want to have to find themselves in.

On top of that, individuals that leverage completely natural remedies for psoriasis are going to be able to create their own potent solution to destroying this condition without having to spend a tremendous amount of money or deal with the discomfort and embarrassment of speaking to outsiders about the problem in the first place.

All of the all-natural solutions that we recommend below are available over-the-counter and without a doctor’s permission, though, you still might want to bring up these issues with a doctor or dermatologist just to get a feel for what they think you should do going forward.

A quick word about all-natural solutions versus medical interventions

Before we really dive right into what we feel are some of the most impactful natural psoriasis treatment options out there today, it’s important that you understand the decision to choose natural and prescription for medical interventions to treat psoriasis does not have to be the an “either/or” kind of proposition.

For some situations and some individuals that are dealing with mild psoriasis symptoms, all-natural remedies make all the sense in the world, but for others – especially those dealing with chronic or systemic issues – a medical intervention or a prescription solution is the only way to go to expect real and consistent results.

Again, this is all something that you want to bring up with a trusted medical professional.

Here are some of the best natural treatments for psoriasis

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of those “one-size-fits-all miracle solutions” when it comes to skin conditions. Working to actively rehydrate and moisturize skin, creams and lotions that use this ingredient as a backbone component can have a tremendous impact on eliminating psoriasis symptoms completely.

Best of all, aloe is completely safe to use!

Apple cider vinegar

One of those down home remedies that most people write off as an old wives tale, the truth of the matter is apple cider vinegar (and vinegar in general) has a tremendous amount of healing and beneficial properties that you’ll be able to take advantage of with regular supplementation.

You can use this solution topically or drink a shot or two every morning to keep your psoriasis at bay.


The component in chili peppers that makes them so red hot, when capsaicin is added to lotions or creams, it can work to deeply penetrate layers of skin and work to heal from the inside out. This is especially beneficial solution for those that are dealing with chronic psoriasis issues or dry and cracking skin problems.

Dead Sea salts

Though you probably aren’t going to want to take a nice warm bath with Dead Sea salts or Epson salts when you have open sores or wounds caused by psoriasis, if you’re just dealing with dry, cracky, itchy, skin caused by psoriasis, a quick soak in a bath topped off with these salts can really do you well.

Just make sure you moisturize after you bathe or you’re going to be in for a nasty surprise.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has an incredibly regenerative and restorative power to, and is one of those miracle workers of the skin just like Aloe Vera. Considerably more expensive than most other all-natural solutions, you only need to use just a little bit of tea tree oil to get some fantastic results – especially if you’re dealing with psoriasis on your scalp.

Just make sure you aren’t allergic to this all-natural remedy before moving forward with it.

Closing thoughts

When everything is said and done, it’s important to understand that there are a variety of all-natural solutions that you can turn to when you’re looking to fix your psoriasis issues.

Hopefully, the information contained above in this quick guide gives you the answers that you’ve been looking for, arming you with the necessary information to destroy psoriasis symptoms whenever they present themselves in the future.

You aren’t alone in dealing with this condition, and you don’t have to turn to expensive or embarrassing options when you want to get rid of this skin disease. Take advantage of these all-natural remedies to see if they work for you!